secret garden cocktail

Three miniature botanical gin cocktails

Spring has officially sprung!  Soak up the sunshine and enjoy long summer days, rising temperatures, and flowers blooming everywhere. In celebration of this delightful time of year, we’ve welcomed three of the newest, cutest and tastiest spring babies to admire and adore in the form of mini cocktails!

Inspired by the beauty of nature’s wildflowers, sip your way through the delicious fresh fruits, botanical gin, and florals that spring off the palette.

Grapefruit Blossom

Don’t let the dainty hue fool you – this refreshing little number with grapefruit gin and grapefruit juice will have you feeling like you’ve zipped through a zesty citrus garden in full bloom.

Butterfly Zen

Be in the moment and infuse oneself with peace and balance with lemon gin, lemon juice, and butterfly pea tea.

Garden Fiesta

When you’re feeling social, throw a vibrant tropical garden fiesta with blood orange gin and sweet tropical fruits – pineapple, passionfruit and orange