The team behind some of Brisbane’s hippest eateries is about to launch a novel way to encourage more diners through the doors and it involves bonus beers for those who sign up

ONE of the city’s hottest young restaurateurs will start a subscription loyalty program for his CBD and suburban eateries in a bid to boost customers.

As Brisbane venues from casual to fine dining are facing challenges enticing people out to eat, Tim Johnson has drilled down into his patronage data to come up with a plan.

His Corbett and Claude restaurants plus his Comuna Cantina venues will next month launch tiered memberships, designed to bolster revenue streams.

“Many are feeling the pinch and the cost of labour increases, and are reducing the quality of food and putting prices up,” Mr Johnson said.

“We have done the opposite and have worked with our supplier to get better ingredients, been more creative with our dishes and haven’t increased prices.”

Inspired by tiered memberships implemented in the aviation industry such as the Qantas club membership, he is hoping to create a stronger sense of loyalty.

“If you are paying to be a part of a membership, you are going to come and use it pretty regularly and you are most likely not going to come by yourself either,” he said.

Customers will have the option of a free, $9, $19 and $29 per month membership, offering different deals and experiences, from a free beer to two-for-one meals.

“When we were looking through our point-of-sale software we found that in the city store alone we had 87 per cent repeat customers,” Mr Johnson said.

The restaurateur said on average weekly lunch deals and happy hour made up eight to ten per cent of total revenue across the businesses and a subscription model could hopefully boost recurring patrons through value-add deals.

Mr Johnson also said instead of relying on social media to communicate with customers, the strategy will allow them to maintain a large independent database of loyal customers for marketing communications.

“Hopefully it will help in converting followers into customers …(Social media) could be switched off tomorrow and you lose the way you communicate,” he said.

Mr Johnson is hoping the subscription model will allow for a greater return on investment and the ability to grow the business to more locations.

The restaurant group currently boasts more than 100 staff members across its sites.