Err… So we’re all moving to Everton Park apparently? A sleepy suburb no longer, EP is fast becoming a foodie epicentre for northsiders—and no, we’re not kidding!

With the first tenants at Everton Plaza’s Park Lane having already set up shop, slinging killer coffee, stacked burgers and fresh produce to the masses, there’s STILL more to come, ensuring you’ve got a reason to keep heading back to the slick new precinct. 

The latest joints to land? The crew at Corbett & Claude have not only brought their take on Italian fare to the precinct, but have gone and one upped it, literally, with a stunning Mediterranean-inspired rooftop bar on top, Tetto. And that’s after opening the pink-hued Comuna Cantina right next door, where you’ll find candy topped cocktails and tacos being dished up on the daily.